How to Use this Site

To get started, click the “Data” tab in the menu bar at the top of the page or click the “View the Data” button on the Home page.

Step 1. Select a school

To find your school, type the name of the school in the text box or click “View a List of All Schools” and select your school from the list. Schools are listed in alphabetical order.

Step 2. Select a topic

Select one of the six main survey topics displayed in the circles. After you select a topic, the page will automatically scroll down and you will see a round “View the Data” button on the bottom right. The button should be green; if it is gray, then you have missed a step.

Step 3. Click “View the Data”

Click the “View the Data” button to load the survey results. By default, the database displays the teacher survey results for the school and topic you selected. Questions for the topic you selected are grouped by subtopic. To view questions within a subtopic, click the plus sign (+) located in the green subtopic bar of interest.

The results for the school and survey topic you selected are located on the left side of the page. If there were too few responses provided by the school you selected, no results for the school will be displayed. The right side of the page shows comparison data from all District and Charter schools.

You can filter results, select new topics and survey respondents to view the data for, and change comparison groups and/or schools. (This will be covered in Steps 4 through 9).

Step 4. View results for subtopics

Some topics include questions organized by subtopics. To view results for a subtopic, click the plus sign (+) to the left of the subtopic.

Step 5. Filter Results

To limit the results you view, select the boxes by the items on the far left of the screen (under the heading “Filters”). You may select up to two filters at a time. After selecting your filters, the data will automatically reload to display only what you have selected. Response rates displayed do not change when you apply filters.

The filters will change depending on the survey results you are viewing (e.g., teacher, student, etc.). To turn off a filter, click the box to clear it.

Step 6. Select a different survey group

To view survey results from a different group (e.g., students), click the survey bar located directly under the topic bar, in the upper right corner of the screen. Select teacher, student, parent/guardian, or principal. Note that principal results are always displayed in aggregate rather than at the school level.

If you select a respondent group with no questions for that topic (e.g., students and school leadership) you will automatically be redirected to survey results for a topic that includes questions for that group. For a list of topics covered by each respondent group, see the “What do the surveys measure?” section of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Step 7. Select a different survey topic

To select a different survey topic, click the topic bar in the upper right corner of the screen and select another topic that includes questions for the respondent group you are viewing.

Step 8. Change comparison groups or school

To change the comparison group and/or school, select the round “change comparisons” button at the upper right of the page. A pop-up menu will appear, which allows you to change schools and/or select a new comparison group. After you make your selections, click the “View the Data” button at the bottom right of the pop-up menu.

Step 9. Explore the data